Toolkit for Working with Rural Volunteers

Case Studies

The following pages give a brief overview of 25 practices selected as successful volunteer management strategies and the trial practices conducted by other organizations.
Repairing church

Each page contains a PDF link to full case study featuring:
-Snapshot of the area served by each organization
-Contact information
-Detailed accounts of the needs being addressed
-Explanation of the planning process from inception to implementation
-Analysis and recommendations from real organizations after an entire year of work
-Useful planning documents and resources provided by participating organizations

Not sure where to start? Complete this quiz to identify practices that meet your needs.

#1 Board member recruitment spreadsheet

#2 Partnerships with off-road and 4x4 groups

#3 Partnerships with church and faith-based groups

#4 Partnerships with businesses

#5 Support from mandatory service volunteers

#6 Support from community service volunteers

#7 Support from student athlete volunteers

#8 Bi-monthly outreach meetings

#9 One-hour board meetings

#10 Volunteer contributions to group’s newsletter

#11 Developing a Youth Advisory Board

#12 Forming a youth helper organization

#13 Hosting a Wild & Scenic Film Festival

#14 Engaging students in service-learning

#15 Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

#16 Providing or organizing transportation

#17 Volunteer water monitoring through partnerships

#18 Volunteer water monitoring with individuals

#19 Hosting a volunteer appreciation picnic

#20 Working with volunteers to construct rain gardens

#21 Working with volunteers to construct wetlands

#22 Hosting a duck race

#23 Hosting a 5k race

#24 "Adopt-a-Stream" fundraiser & outreach event

#25 Fish fry fundraiser and outreach event

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